Paint with me in Nepal

As you know… I am originally from Nepal. It is a beautiful country – culturally very rich and very varied in its biodiversity because of the altitudinal variances. We have everything from the Himalayas to lush tropical forests, sparse alpine deserts and luxurious grasslands.

Although I’ve made this beautiful little area of England my home, part of me will of course always belong in Nepal so… I have a dream and I am determined to make it come true one day!

My idea is to combine ART, WELLBEING and TRAVEL and take small groups of people with me back to Nepal for Art Holidays – during school holidays since of course I will be painting with my classes here during term time.

I imagine exploring and making my groups experience the hidden, traditional art and craft gems in and around Kathmandu Valley. The Pottery Quarter where generations of artisans have passed on their knowledge down the generations, whole villages of wood carvers, metal workers, Thangka Painters, a workshop with an International Himalayan artist I personally know, Tibetan carpet weavers to name a few. During my last trip home in August 2019, I explored the possibility of attending workshops at these places… there is so much we can do, see and experience!

At the same time, I have the infrastructural support from my family who are and have been inbound tour operators since 1987. It means I have grown up in an environment where my parents have always spent 24/7 looking after people and organising tours and trips so we are in very good hands. It also means that I can keep costs low for my groups since I won’t have to use anyone in between to facilitate the intricacies of the trip.

Besides the tours, my family also run a lovely little guest house – – where we’d stay whilst in Kathmandu and also a beautiful resort specialising in wellbeing – which is the perfect place to do endless amounts of location painting. Without exaggeration, it is breathtakingly beautiful there! Do look it up when you have a moment – we have an Ayurveda team permanently based there. Beautiful views, village walks, yoga sessions, massages and a very peaceful, mind blowing setting.

Itinerary to be updated and shared in due course and I CANNOT WAIT to make this happen!